This is an exemple of what is possible to do using shiny app. The real app is not available to public.
Single-cell sequencing is the new generation of DNA investigation. In addition of the high per experiment, it also cost specialists' time, it is therefore valuable data.
This dataset contain 29'203 cells in total. The samples comes from Mouse brain. Several cell types should be found. But which ones?
Thanks to this app, one can quickly plot the density expression of a gene (e.g. a T-cell marker like Cd4), and relate it to the results of an automatic celltype annotation tool (see the CIPR "identity").
A datatable of gene markers is also available.

The data comes from (Kornlab) 10x single-cell sequencing .
It was processed using cellranger and R packages: Seurat, Harmony, Nebulosa, CIPR. Plots are improved using ggplot2.
This correspond to a 29203 x 55471 matrix + dimentionnality reduction + metadata.