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My name is Gildas, and this is my personnal website.
You will find here some information about my curiculum.

Curiculum Vitae

Gildas Lepennetier

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Gildas Lepennetier studied Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity at the university of Poitiers (France) and Bioinformatics at the university of Nantes (France).
From November 2012 to Mars 2017, he completed his PhD concerning the "Evolution of gene architecture in Eukaryotes" at the university of Münster (Germany).
Since then he is working as postdoctoral fellow at the Technical University of Munich, in the "Klinikum rechts der Isar" in the Neurology department.
He is responsible for the bioinformatic part of
(1) the characterization of B-cells repertoire from deep-sequencing in human (with Dr. Kowarik),
(2) the characterization of B and T-cell repertoire in mouse (with Dr. Lehmann-Horn)
(3) in several data analysis and statistical analysis projects (with Prof. Dr. Korn)

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Workshop: HPC code optimisation (LRZ Munich)



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